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Celebrating 150 years of British craftsmanship and expertise in sound development. In every one of its 15 decades so far, ACME has invented and patented a new and unique whistle that has continued to move the industry forward. From the first sports referee whistle in 1884 to the Hellova Safety whistle in 2014, ACME remains unequalled in any field you choose. Our selection of ACME dog training whistles are no exception.

Worldwide sports bodies, safety organisations, charities and government departments all around the World rely on ACME whistles. Globally renowned fashion and retail brands buy our exclusively designed and precious products. Just as they are important to our reputation, we are important to theirs.

Our first specialist dog training whistle was the iconic ACME silent dog whistle which was developed in 1935 and revolutionised the way that people communicated with their dogs. Since those days we have recognised a growing need in the market for high quality dog training whistles with different specifications. While there are benefits to choosing a silent whistle, there are certainly also benefits to choosing another from our range; it all depends on the kind of training you undertake, your dog’s species, and the environment they train in.

Our dog training whistles offer a consistent sound which doesn’t change depending on the person blowing it or how it is blown. Consistency is one of the most important factors in dog training, and a consistent dog training whistle reduces confusion your dog may experience during sessions. These whistles are weather-proof and the sound carries very well in all conditions; they are ideal when using positive reinforcement techniques and can be used for close in and long distance work.