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Featuring dog travel accessories from Band & Roll. A German brand from two creative minds with a desire to build a dream team of creative professionals with similar views, finer taste, unconditional love for animals, and to make our world a better place for all beings.
As a combination of two words, where band stands for gang, group, collective or community, and roll means rotate, thunder, rumble, ride. Hence, we see ourselves as a group of makers and doers who portrays an intimate truth of all humankind: honest work done with love and purpose.

With a vision to build a world where products are made to last and driven by creativity and devotion, Band & Roll was founded. Since then, we have come a long way from being a local store selling scraps of leather to one of the best European manufacturers with processing techniques inherited through generations.

All materials we use for our dog travel accessories are sourced from manufacturers with a long heritage and history of tradition and craftsmanship. They have been around for centuries and know how to make things that last.

Goods we create and curate not only reflect our taste and idea of quality, they are made with purpose of embracing a slow way of life. Therefore, we strive to create sustainable products while being transparent about the materials and processes involved in manufacturing. We can proudly say NO to mass production lines and able to reduce our carbon impact. Our travel range for dogs is made from eco-friendly and weather resistant materials.