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The brand Flowfold was launched in 2010 to make everyday gear that is lighter, stronger, and lasts longer.

Over the years we’ve explored new materials, new designs, and expanded our team and our products. We started with one wallet, and grew to bags, backpacks, totes, pouches, and even dog gear. A decade in, we’re manufacturing something we would never have hoped for, but are immensely proud to make—plastic face shields. Through everything, we remain dedicated to three foundational principles: sustainable and durable materials, quality craftsmanship, and making all our products in the USA. Whether we’re sewing lightweight wallets from recycled sailcloth, or making protective face shields for hospitals in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our mission remains the same.

Working at a sail loft in Maine, our founder, Charles Friedman, was introduced to sailcloth and learned to use industrial sewing machines repairing boat sails. One day, his grandfather’s bulky, hand-me-down leather wallet fell apart, and in a moment of innovation, he took some scraps of racing sailcloth from the factory trash and sewed himself a wallet. This original wallet was super thin, light, and tough as nails. Just like that, trash turned to treasure, and our first product was born.

Charley realised the potential and started sewing more wallets. Each iteration was stronger, lighter, and more simplified than the last. Friends and family started asking to buy his wallets. Soon enough, word spread and he knew he was onto something.

As we’ve grown, we’ve maintained our small, mission-driven business philosophy. At the heart of our brand is a tight-knit team of makers, problem solvers, and business innovators, each bringing expertise and commitment to our mission. This culture allows us to design the products our customers need or quickly test and incorporate new sustainable fabrics. We’ve remained adaptable and ready for all challenges.

With our mission to create better, longer-lasting gear, we have always been adamant that 100% of our products are Made in the USA. We are a Maine-based brand with a global reach, committed to supporting our local communities and maintaining full control of our design and production. We seek the highest quality materials, explore new sustainable fabrics, invest in cutting-edge production technology. We continuously audit our manufacturing methods to reduce excess waste. We listen to our customers, ready to respond to feedback, redesign products, or even pivot our entire business to support our community in the face of a pandemic.

That’s what we’ve always done and will continue to do at Flowfold. Dog leads and collars made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.