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Our dog skin care products are made of natural and organic ingredients and plant-based oils. They are gentle and safe for use on puppies, and contain no artificial chemicals, additives, or harmful synthetic materials. Handcrafted in small batches using plant-based and organic ingredients, they provide essential care to protect your dog’s nose, paw pads, coat and ears. For dogs prone to skin sensitivity and environmental allergens, we offer an easy to use Organic Itch Relief spray, as well a Between-Bath Freshener for those predisposed to rolling in fox poo (like Toro!) 
We offer a wide selection ranging from anti-itch spray to gentle balms made specifically for dogs with those cute facial wrinkles and folds. We also offer a range that will help keep those furry paws soft and conditioned, as well as cleaning serums for ears and treatments to prevent itch and bacteria.