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We love making walks look good and our dog walking accessories reflect our ethos, and our keen eye for detail, function and style. Whether you’re shopping for a new collar, lead or a matching accessory, we’ve got something for every dog and puppy.

From smart no-pull harnesses to chic bow ties, we set tongues and tails wagging with this collection.

Our collection of dog walking accessories have been carefully selected to suit every occasion and look. Whether you’re the proud owner of a sassy city dog or the human companion of a talented four-legged mountaineer, you’ll find our range of accessories fitting your every need. All of our walk and wear accessories have been chosen not just for looks and quality, but also for the sustainable materials used in making them.

To complement our dog walking range, we have also introduced a selection of the most popular Acme training whistles to help with your recall training when out on walks with your companion.

Our collection of the softest, most comfortable leads, collars and harnesses are all made of natural and sustainable materials such as cotton twill or vegan leather, and strengthened with an inner nylon core. We only source brands and accessories that are premium in quality AND superior in style, function and craftsmanship. We support and work exclusively with small, niche brands. All our products are handcrafted by design-led studios run by talented artisans who are also dog and business owners.

In our e-store, you will also find a wide range of the highest quality dog walking accessories such as bandanas and bow ties, made in the US or the EU.

All our accessories are made of natural, sustainable materials, with extreme attention to details. We do not compromise when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. Every product we offer reflects our ethos and discernment.