Cod Rolls Toro's Choice


We work with reputable producers of natural dog treats in Europe and Turkey to bring you our range of dried chews that are all single-ingredient, single-protein with nothing else added.

Toro’s Choice of cod rolls are made of sustainably sourced cod skins that are specially dried to remove moisture and to lock in all that healthy, fishy goodness which dogs love. These skins are then rolled for a crunchy texture when chewed. These cod rolls are high in Omega 3-6 oils for glossy coats and vitamins to maintain good physical and dental health. Perfect as a reward or as a snack between meals.

• 100% cod without additives and preservatives
• Wonderfully nutritious with highest level of protein and lowest level of fat, and an excellent alternative to meat chews
• Supports muscle growth and repair and naturally high in minerals
• No fishy odour and leaves hardly any residue on floors and carpets
• Packed in fully recyclable packaging
• 10 pieces

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