Cold-Pressed Organic Oils Travel Shampoo for Dogs – Mountain Mist Bark Bar Twin Springs


Enjoy your next adventure with your furry best friend using Twin Springs Mountain Mist Bark Bar! Handcrafted from scratch, Mountain Mist Bark Bar includes saponified oils of Coconut, and Olive! We craft our soap into the travel container using the cold process approach, preserving the beneficial properties of these organic oils making our soap gentle, soothing, and keeping the fur super soft! Perfect for traveling, camping, backpacking, hiking, or any event when life is on the go! Enjoy the generous, bubbly lather for the full coat! It’s the perfect natural way to stay clean!

This clever design works just like a human deodorant stick. Simply turn the dial at the bottom and apply after wetting dog’s coat. Lather and rinse.


Made in the USA

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