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Welcome to Toro’s Choice. We are a lifestyle dog store offering ETHICAL and SUSTAINABLE dog products from the FINEST pet brands around the world. We take great pride and obsessive care in curating products where design, function and craftsmanship are second to none. We care greatly about what goes into the making of every single dog product that we sell, right down to ingredient, material and stitch. We make every effort to be socially responsible, and only work with brands that share our ethos to reduce waste, support minority, women-owned and artisanal small businesses, pay fair wages and above all, remain uncompromising in making dog products that are superb in quality, originality and are kind to our dogs and the earth.

WELCOME TO TORO’S CHOICE. We take great pride and obsessive care in curating products where design, function and craftsmanship are second to none.
We work exclusively with brands that are socially responsible, and share our uncompromising standards in offering dog products that are superb in quality, originality, and are kind to our dogs and the earth.

Our Love For Dogs And the Earth

We partner with European leaders in dog food production

We use eco-friendly packaging on all our products

We trade with global niche brands with outstanding craftsmanship

We use 100% natural, traceable ingredients in all our food products

Toro, The Dog Behind The Brand

a.k.a Power Snacker | Chief Suspect

Born in 2018, Toro is the heart and driving force behind Toro’s Choice. A miniature schnauzer with a maximum-sized personality, Toro is highly opinionated about everything from his food and treats to his toys and gear.

When done with his day job assessing all our products meet his lofty standards, he keeps himself busy as a precision timekeeper and knows when he should get fed, watered, walked and paid heed. If left ignored for a couple of wags, Toro will up the ante by squeaking the life out of his cherished pink piggy. When a puppy, he developed an intolerance to chicken with a consequential impact on his skin, digestion and energy levels. We didn’t know what it was at the time, and there were many vet trips, tests, misdiagnoses, and difficulties finding the right solution. The journey to discover the root causes of his health issues became the spark that brought Toro’s Choice to life. When he’s not hard at work making C-(canine) level decisions on products that would bear his name, he can be found belly-up observing the world through his eyebrows and possibly dreaming of more adventures with his humans. A keen mountaineer, Toro has scaled heights impressive for a dog his size, ran after ibexes, and once attempted corralling sheep down a hill.

WENDY, The Founder

a.k.a Treat Dispenser | Doggo Slave

When Toro came into my life in 2018, my frustration at not finding answers to his food intolerance led to obsessive research on pet health and nutrition. Toro’s Choice is a result of doggedness and devotion – the discovery of everything good for my dog and sharing the knowledge with every dog owner out there.
My experience managing international businesses as a corporate executive and consultant come in handy. I am unbending on quality and finesse and take pleasure in delighting our customers – both dogs and humans. From every ingredient to every stitch, we appraise every product before offering them to our customers. We work only with small, creative and socially responsible businesses from the UK, Europe, and the USA, who share our values and ethos – so when you make Toro’s Choice your choice, you know you’re getting the very best. Outside of work and running after Toro’s affairs, I’m a long-term supporter of WWF’s wildlife conservation efforts in Asia and Africa and the adoptive human to a Nepalese elephant named Rupkali.