Customer Care

At Toro’s Choice we pride ourselves on being uncompromisingly fussy. We take great care to offer products which are both dog- and earth-friendly, and meet the highest standards for the care and welfare of our four-legged friends.

All of our products are sourced from small, social, and eco-conscious producers from the UK, EU and USA. We read every line of the fine print, and all the details about the make, materials, and ingredients of every product before offering them on our site. Many of our toys are made from recycled bottles, natural rubber, or recycled cotton stuffing. Our Pamper products are mostly handmade in small batches, using organic and natural ingredients, and the accessories you can find in our Walk selection are largely made from natural cotton, recycled rope, or vegan leather.

You will find answers to most of your questions below, but if you need more information on our products, please get in touch.

Food and Treats

Where are your dog food / treats made?

All of Toro’s Choice food products are responsibly sourced from ethical producers across the world, who comply with strict regulations on pet foods. You can find out more about each product and where it was made, by checking out the Additional Information under the product page.

Are the ingredients natural and healthy for my dog?

All of Toro’s Choice food products have been carefully researched, and specifically chosen for their natural, organic, and healthy ingredients. We do not sell any products with artificial ingredients, additives, or preservatives

How long can I store your food / treats?

Every Toro’s Choice product has a label with batch codes and its expiry date. Generally, naturally dried treats, and meal-toppers can last up to a year – but we do recommend checking the label for more specific information.

Are your foods / treats suitable for a puppy?

Our treats and snacks come in a wide range, and we recommend them for pups aged 3 months and over with proper supervision during feeding.

Are your foods / treats suitable for my senior dog?

We make every effort to make our 100% natural products available to dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Some of our treats however are designed for extended periods of chewing and may be unsuitable for older dogs who have dental issues.

Are your foods / treats suitable for a dieting dog?

If your dog is on a specific or veterinarian prescribed diet, we recommend checking with your veterinarian before feeding, as although our treats are 100% natural, they may be unsuitable for your dog’s dietary requirements. You can find the full product and ingredient information on its product page.

Toys & Accessories

Are the toys on your site suitable for my puppy?

We offer a range of products suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes, ages, and breeds. Please check the Additional Information on each product page to find out more about the size, make, and material, to find the best fit for your puppy.

Are there any harmful materials or chemicals used either in the making or materials of the toys?

We take great care to source products which are both dog and earth friendly, and they must meet our very high standards for the safety and welfare of our four-legged friends. All of our products are sourced from small, social, and eco-conscious producers from the UK, EU and USA. We read every line of fine print, and all the details about its make and materials before offering them on our site. Every dog has its own way of play – some rougher than others, and no toy can be made to withstand persistent chewing and rough play. Every care is taken to ensure our products are safe and non-toxic to dogs and we do recommend supervising them while feeding or playing.

Do you have a sizing chart for the wearable accessories? Or are they one size fits all?

You can find sizing and product specifications under the Additional Information section on each product page.

Do you use genuine leather in your leads, collars, etc?

We are fully committed to our ethos: no harm to animals and no harm to the environment. We’ve yet to find a producer of genuine leather accessories who can comply fully to this – so there are no full leather products on our site at the moment. We do however offer vegan leather alternatives in our selection of leads and collars for customers who prefer the look of natural leather, and the quality of Italian craftsmanship. Some of our items may have small details that are made out of leather though they’re not the main feature of the product in any way.

Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Is your food packaging made from recycled materials, and can it be recycled?

Absolutely YES! Our eco-friendly bags are made in the UK from compostable cellulose, derived from renewable wood pulp. The cellophane film we use is accredited biodegradable and compostable and is approved for anaerobic digestion and marine biodegradation – it has also been tested to ensure that once composted, there is no adverse effect on plant growth.

Some of our treats which requires sturdier protection come in recyclable packaging made of monolayered polyethylene (PE) which can be re-granulated and used in extruding new plastic pouches. They are rated 100% food-safe and can be disposed of together with your recyclables.

Who tests your products?

Each supplier that we work with is responsible for testing their products, to ensure they comply with both UK and EU health and safety standards.

But when they arrive here with us, it’s over to our Executive Product Tester, Toro himself, to decide if it’s a product good enough to be considered. Our site is very literally Toro’s choice – if he doesn’t approve of it, we don’t sell it!

My dog has dry / irritated skin - is your shampoo safe to use on them?

All of our shampoos are made from natural or organic ingredients, with absolutely no harmful chemicals. Full details of their production methods and ingredients are listed on our product pages. If your dog has irritable skin, we recommend using unscented shampoos or those which are formulated for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin.

How do you know the products on your site are made with eco-friendly and sustainable methods?

We only work with producers and manufacturers who are truly committed to eco and social responsibilities, and use only sustainable, healthy, and safe materials or ingredients. We provide information on every item regarding where it has been made, by whom, and what certifications / requirements the product meets. If you require further information on any product, don’t hesitate to get in touch or give us a call!