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Introducing our exciting range of non-toxic, natural and eco-friendly dog toys that are designed to bring lots of fun and engaging play between dogs and their people. Our collection ranges from stress relief and relaxation, to highly resilient natural rubber for power chewers.

All our dog toys are crafted with great attention to details, and made with tons of love and care. We are extremely conscious of the environmental impact traditional plastic, nylon and polyester dog toys can have on the planet. As such, all our toys are made from natural and sustainable materials, and most importantly, are very safe for dogs.

Carefully sourced from around the world, our range includes award-winning handmade chew toys made out of pure cotton, are chew-safe and machine-washable.

We also carry a range of dog frisbees that are made out of natural wool and available in two bright colours of green and orange.

Our range of dog chew toys are made out of food-grade natural rubber and are FDA tested to meet the highest safety standards. The rubber has also been treated with an anti-bacterial agent to make it extra-safe for dogs. They can be used as a chew toy, or filled with treats and even used as a slow-feeder. They are freezer and dishwasher-safe too. These unique toys come in fun shapes of tropical fruits – mango, pineapple and durian.

We also have a wide selection of dog plush toys that are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in our oceans. Every part of the toy – from fabric right down to thread and stitching are made of recycled plastic. They also include built-in squeakers, with a durable construction.