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Our vegan dog treats are wholesome, healthy, and nutritious. Made entirely from fruit, vegetable and herbs which are specially selected for their benefits for dogs of every breed, age and size. They are excellent options for vegan and vegetarian owners, or those of us who prefer low-fat, non-meat treats and supplements for our dogs.

We have a great choice designed to bring extra flavours and nutrition to your dog’s healthy diet, including bite-sized snacks, biscuits and banana chips. All our vegan dog snacks are carefully sourced and selected for their optimal benefits, and are packed in biodegradable and compostable packaging.

We work with a small, established, and family-owned business in Germany to produce this range of Toro’s Choice vegan dog treats which are all made from natural, high quality raw ingredients extruded cold using a gentle process to retain all its nutritional benefits.

Our range of 100% plant-based training snacks and treats is particularly suited for dogs on a vegan, low-fat diet. These bite-sized wonders contain a careful selection of vegetables, herbs, as well as fruits, which are all very beneficial for dogs. They are healthier alternatives to conventional meaty treats and biscuits, and are perfect for owners who are vegan or vegetarian, who prefer feeding non-meat snacks in between meal times.

Our treats contain no additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers which are ideal for dogs with known allergies or food intolerance. Packed full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, these bite-sized snacks are also easy to carry when out and about as they are compact, dry little bites.