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Our insect-based dog treats are ethically sourced and farmed from mealworms and soldier fly larvae. Insect protein is an environmentally friendly alternative to meat, and especially suitable for dogs with intolerance to commonly farmed food source such as chicken or beef. Blended with a variety of root vegetables, these treats are perfectly crunchy little bites that are also convenient to carry around in dog treat bags.

Naturally species-appropriate, resource-saving alternative to livestock production, insect protein may take some getting used to for us humans, but this is not the case for dogs themselves. Insect-based foods such as insect dog treats are more nutrient-rich than vegetarian dog diets and is a source of protein farmed without any suffering during breeding unlike its animal counterparts.

Toro’s Choice of insect protein treats are made from two species, Hermetia Illucens (Black Soldier Fly or BSF larvae) and Tenebrio Molitor (meal worms). They are farmed in certified facilities complying with European standards of dog food production and hygiene. Our insect and vegetable bites are a great complement to meat-free diets.
Insects supply valuable protein in the form of essential amino acids: mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which strengthen the immune system, and also saturated fatty acids that create energy. Edible insects also have a high proportion of valuable micronutrients, such as zinc and iron.

insect dog treats are produced in Germany using a cold, gentle process to retain all its nutritional benefits. Blended with vegetables for additional vitamins, they are excellent as training treats for dogs who are intolerant to commonly farmed protein such as chicken and beef. Packed in biodegradable, compostable food grade packaging, they are compact, healthy snacks that are perfect as training treats, are non-greasy, and will fit very well inside one of our stylish dog treat bags.