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Our dog food toppers are 100% natural and specially formulated to complement BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) feeding. They provide additional nutrition, fibre and texture to your dog’s regular BARF diet. Our meal toppers also contain very high levels of vitamins and minerals owing to the gentle drying process retaining up to 80% of their nutritional value.

DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee that your dog will like or eat our supplementary meal topper. Dogs can get used to eating certain kinds of food and may not like any change to their regular meals. Always start with a small portion for your dog to try before gradually increasing the amount. Please note that we cannot diagnose your pet or “prescribe” a diet or a supplement for your pet. Food supplements are not a cure for any prevailing conditions requiring the attention of a vet. Please be familiar with our medical disclaimer. We recommend you consult with your veterinarian before changing the diet particularly if your pet is unwell, or if you are incorporating any new supplements where medications or other treatments are already being used. You are strongly advised to consult your vet or health care professional if your animal is seriously ill before consuming any dog food supplement.