Garden Herbs Meal Topper – 500g Toro's Choice


We work with a small family-owned business in Germany to produce this range of Toro’s Choice products which are all made from natural, high quality raw ingredients extruded cold using a gentle process to retain all its nutritional benefits.

This BARF or raw feeding-appropriate meal topper is an ideal supplement for a meat diet. Fennel and chamomile have a calming effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Horsetail herb is good for the skin and connective tissues. Dandelion supports liver and kidney functions. Served as a supplement, simply feed between 20-30% of topper to around 70-80% of dog’s meal by adding on top, or stirred and mixed in.

Directions: Add hot water to the topper (1:1 ratio) and let it seep for between 2-3 mins (up to 10 mins is recommended), rehydrating the ingredients. Mix with food and serve.

• 500g of natural herbal goodness in a bag
• A wonderful, herbal supplement to meaty mains
• All the goodness of essential herbs that are also very beneficial for dogs
• Packed in biodegradable, compostable food grade bag (BS EN 13432)
• 500g

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