Homegrown Vegetables Meal Topper – 500g Toro's Choice


We work with a small family-owned business in Germany to produce this range of Toro’s Choice products which are all made from natural, high quality raw ingredients extruded cold using a gentle process to retain all its nutritional benefits.

This BARF or raw feeding-appropriate homegrown vegetables meal topper combines an array of vegetables to provide many benefits such as drainage and digestion (pumpkin), blood purifying properties (celery) as well as vitamins and minerals including calcium, pro-vitamin A, E, B1, B2, B12 and C. Served as a supplement, simply feed between 20-30% of topper to around 70-80% of dog’s meal by adding on top, or stirred and mixed in.

Directions: Add hot water to the topper (1:1 ratio) and let it seep for between 2-3 mins (up to 10 mins is recommended), rehydrating the ingredients. Add on top of food, or mix in and serve.

• 500g of natural goodness in a bag
• Ideal for dogs on vegetarian or vegan diets
• Added fibre from vegetables to complement raw diet
• Highly nutritious, easily digestible and suitable for dogs suffering from food intolerance
• All the natural goodness of homegrown leafy greens and root vegetables
• Packed in biodegradable, compostable food grade bag (BS EN 13432)

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