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Dog pamper and grooming products that are handmade in small batches with the finest quality ingredients for luxurious pampering of our beloved dogs. Experience our wide selection of dog shampoo, conditioner, moisturising balms, and dental care kits.

We are always highly selective about the brands and products we sell, and in this Dog Pamper category, we are even more so. As coming from personal experience with our in-house canine chief who suffers from skin allergies and sensitivities – we know only the best and purest will do when it comes to his grooming needs. Having tried and tested many, many brands – from mainstream to niche – we can vouch for the superb quality our Dog Pamper collection offers.

We have chosen to only use dog shampoo bars, as being eco-conscious, we want to reduce the amount of plastic in packaging; and dog shampoos very often come in huge, big plastic bottles. All our shampoo bars are specifically formulated for dogs, and packed in recycled paper packaging. They are handcrafted in small batches and unlike mass-produced brands, ours do not contain harsh ingredients that strip natural oils and dry out the skin leaving coats dull and lifeless. A true, natural soap, our dog shampoo bars are free of SLS, parabens and petroleum based synthetic ingredients. They last multiple washings and clean exactly as needed. Only essential oils and natural botanicals are used in the making of our dog shampoo bars.

We also offer a wide selection of award-winning and certified organic dog pamper and skincare products including ear cleaning serum and anti-itch spray. We also have a selection of products that are in smaller sizes and perfect for travelling or holidays with your dogs.