Polished Brass Clicker 470 with Leather Wrist Lanyard Acme


The ACME polished brass Clicker 470 or Cricket as it is sometimes known, has had a varied life. First designed as a child’s toy, then adopted by jazz and big bands as a time signaller to keep the band in rhythm and then conscripted into the D-Day Landings as a signaller to friendly troops under the cover of dark. Sometimes referred to as the D-Day Clicker. The ACME Polished Brass Clicker is still made with all of the original tooling and presses in Birmingham.

In present days, the ACME 470 Clicker is known as the World’s Best Dog Clicker. Used to add an additional element to a dog’s training needs. Comes with a handmade leather wrist lanyard for added convenience when training dogs outdoors.

Made in Birmingham, England.

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